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Smooth crossing of cargo and personnel!

There is no matter what the truck is - with the dock leveler you achieve maximum capacity of your loading and unloading activities by adjusting the dock leveler to every transport vehicle.

Dock levelers are produced from high quality steel and supplied with electro-hydraulic station. They are used to fix the difference between the levels of the loader and the transport vehicle.

  • The sizes are standart.
  • High degree of reliability.
  • Different level of automation.
  • They can fix plus as well as minus levels.
  • Dock levelers must be installed in preliminary produced foundation.

Dock levelers must be planned at the time when the building is still in construction!

Dock Levelers Dock Levelers Dock Levelers Dock Levelers Dock Levelers

Leaflets for DLE-M and DLH-M dock levelers

Model DLE-M

Model DLH-M